A glimpse into how big our world truly is
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One of my greatest unpaid passions.

For me, travel photography is like anonymous storytelling.

I get to tell a stranger or place's story without them even knowing.

I get to capture emotion in a way that is so authentic that I feel as if I am a fly on the wall.

My goal is that when people see theses photos, they feel transported into a different perspective that they have never experienced before.

So I urge you to do that!

Look through the slideshow and get lost in the places.

Picture yourself ...

walking along the beach of Nice, France, in February. It's a wonderful water-sparkle morning. You sit down with a crêpe and watch children play in the water.

sitting on a train through the Austrian-Alps watching mountains pass you by that are more grand than anything ever built by human hands.

hiking between Greek towns in April when the town is silent and all you can hear is your footsteps and faint laughter.

smelling the air as Rome de-frosts from winter to spring.

Have I inspired you to buy a plane ticket yet? ;)