From the moment you say "yes" to a session, the experience begins

I strive to provide my clients with a joyful and steadfast experience from the moment you say "yes," to the genuine laughs I get to capture during the session, to the moments when you have tears in your face looking at the photos for the first time, and to the years after, when you get to relive these feelings and moments forever. And this whole process? Starts right here. And I cannot wait to get to tell your story in every single way.

before your session

Once you book a session, and I do a little happy dance because you said yes, I will take care of you within carrying out your vision and fulfilling your questions so that you can go into your session with nothing but excitement. After you send me an inquiry (the form within my contact page), I will send you an email within 24 to 48 hours confirming your inquiry, and all the magical planning will get to start to take place! We will confirm the date and location for your session, and I will send you a client guide or advice depending on what session you just booked.

And before you know it? It will be time for your session!

during your session

Ready for one of the best days of your life? I promise that your session will feel like you are hanging out with one of your friends... because that is what I am! I am here to be your ultimate hype girl that is either here to encourage you in a portrait session, or to be the ultimate third wheel with you and your boo !! I am here to create and capture authentic and beautiful moments that aren't based on forced poses. Instead, I will be providing you with prompts that make your feel comfortable and confident, but also leave room to show who you are. Because in ten years? I don't want you to look back at these photos and see yourself posed in a way that does not represent you.

In ten years?

I want you to remember how you felt.

How those smiles were so genuine.

How these photos represent you to a "T".

This is my hope.

And I can't wait to capture photos that remind you of you.

after your session

Now capturing your moments is only half the fun! After your session, I have the privilege of getting to edit your photos to bring out and accentuate the natural beauty within your photos. I pride my editing process on not becoming "unnatural" or "photoshopped" looking. My goal is to tweak the photos to bring out warm colors and golden light in order to remind you of the emotions that surrounded your session.

I also do minor retouching on any blemishes there may be.

So give me a few weeks to make your photos true art, and then, it's time for you to see them! I will send you an email that will contain all the details and all the goods, and you will receive a private online gallery for viewing and downloading your photos.

I pray that these photos are time-capsules for you and your family or your significant other. Through capturing your beautiful emotions, I will leave you with imagery that you will be able to cherish for years to come.

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