My senior babies !! I love y'all so much, wow.

There is something so special about the time of life that you are in, and that is why I cherish being able to capture it so much. I absolutely love being a part of a senior's big year ...

and my favorite part is getting to be your ultimate hype girl throughout the entire shoot!

I can promise that your session will be filled with real smiles, bumping to your favorite songs,

and frolicking in all kinds of grass and flower fields.

And through that, I have the pleasure of producing the most authentic and real images that

truly remind you of you. Because that is what senior pictures is about!

Not a bunch of stiff and extravagant poses, rather, photos that make you feel like you.

Because someday, your kids and grandkids are going to see these photos and

they are going to get to see a glimpse of the beautiful and real you.

Because you, my dear, are beautiful.

And I can't wait to remind you of that a million times on our shoot.

Inside and out, you are truly beautiful.


Okay HI ! I am so hype that you clicked on this tab, because creative sessions are my absolute JAM! There is something about making a far away idea into a reality that just fuels me and makes me so excited. As you can see from the pictures above, I am down for any idea, no matter how crazy you think it sounds! I can also incorporate some graphic design elements into the photos if that is something you are wanting as well.

This session is perfect for the college student that needs some updated photos, the artist that needs an album cover, or literally anyone who wants to be creative within photography. I also price brand collaborations from this tab. I have the opportunity to work with Brickwood Boutique in Cape Girardeau and Columbia Missouri, and I create custom quotes for brand work like Brickwood.

So, with that said, this is my most flexible session type that allows me to offer a session no matter how much you can afford!

Keep scrolling to see the investment for creative sessions :)


My sweet soon to be brides !!

POV: you bought your DREAM dress, yet you only get to wear it for one day ?!

WELL, let's put that dream back on and wear it again in order to get photos of you in it !!

You will cherish having individual bridal photos to look back on/ to give to your hubby ...

So let's think up something beautiful/elegant/creative or all of the above and let me capture you in the dress

that will hold memories of the best day of your life!